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INVT electric machinery (Xi’an) Co., Ltd is subsidiary to Shenzhen INVT Electric Co., LTM (Stoke No. 002334), which is engaged in PMS (Permanent Magnet Synchronous) motor for advanced CNC machines and the related accessories. And some electric spindle products are used for industrial robot as the machining and deburring tools. INVT electric machinery is the member of China machine tool industry association. It is the Shaanxi High-tech Enterprise. So far it has more then 50 patents for design and manufactured PMS motor. The high speed electric spindles based on PMS motor are widely used for CNC machine center and lathe and grinding machine. The wide speed range PMS motor was used to drive the spindle for CNC machine center and lath. We also supply the customized DDR PMS torque motor and the maintenance technical services for electric spindle.

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Electric spindle motor

Motor for driving the spindle
Low-speed、 High-torque for strong cutting、Constant Power、 Wide speed range、High-speed drilling tapping functions、Energy-Saving20%

Product Applications

Grinding Machine. Lathe. Engraving & Milling Machines. Machine Center, Tapping machine

Industrial robot
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